Student Executive

UniQ is governed and managed by its Executive Team who are responsible for pretty much everything. Your Executive is responsible for planning and hosting events, performing advocacy on behalf of queer students, coordinating submissions, projects and activities that ultimately benefit queer students.

The Executive Team is elected during General Meetings and serves in a voluntary capacity. Our Executive Team is made up of our President(s), Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Welfare Officer, Communications Officer, Social Media Officer, Events Officer and General Executive Officers. Their roles and responsibilities are outlined in our Executive Membership Statute.

Meet the Team (2022):
Abee exec photo_edited.jpg

Kia Ora, I'm Abbey, and I'm bisexual! I'm a third year Data Science and Political Science student. In my spare time I'm either on discord, at a cafe studying, or cross stitching.

Abbey (She/Her)


Hi, I'm Veronica, a 2nd year psychology student, I reqlly like boardgames, and music, and I play ukulele, i also enjoy cooking and baking.

Veronica (She/Her)





Waddup! I'm a shapeshifter, I mean, I'm a genderfluid person and I am a Software Engineering student. I love fashion, tech, and I can also speak Spanish. You'll find me with changing preferred names and pronouns.

Rowan, Asami (She/They)
Rhys (He/They)



Kia Ora, my name is Nik. I'm a second year Composition and Sonic Arts/Music Technology student. I'm a songwriter, synthesist, and I play drums, piano as well as a few other instruments. I also watch Formula 1 (Charles had better win this year)

Snow/Nik (They/Them)


Hey! I’m Tom and I am currently a second year health promotion student at VUW. I enjoy podcasts, feijoa juice and all the animals, I also like Star Wars in an annoying way.

Tom (He/Him)

Rosie exec photo.jpg

I'm trans-non-binary, a gamer, and love SIFI. I am studying honours cultural anthropology. A fun fact about me is that I have two cute dogs; I love the mortal instrument chronicles and will talk about it a lot.

Rosie (They/Them)

magnus exec photo_edited.jpg

Kia ora! I'm Magnus, a 2nd-year Political Science and International Relations student. I love games - especially RPGs - debate, and language learning. I can speak (to varying degrees) English, German, and Swedish!

Magnus (He/They)


Kia ora! My friends call me Goose. I'm a third year Film & English major, and your UniQ Communications Officer for the year. I'm a big movie nerd, I write a lot, and when I'm not writing I can usually be found following my friends around town with a camera.

Goose (They/Them)


I'm a trans hacker studying cybersecurity. I love rock climbing + designing huge projects that I don't start. Fun fact, I came third in a gymnastic competion, by being the third person to have signed up

Ava (She/Her)