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Official Documents

​Our Constitution and Schedules is the document that outlines the purpose, aims and objectives, and structure of UniQ Victoria. It is the principle document defining UniQ Victoria as an Association at Victoria University of Wellington.​

UniQ Victoria is committed to transparency and accountability, as well as the accurate and comprehensive documentation of our operations and activities. This achieved through our minutes, recorded by our Secretary.

Policies provide definition and guidance as to the day-to-day operations and management of UniQ. They are determined and voted on by the Executive, reviewed annually and should always represent best or expected practice.

Our Annual Reports give you an all-in-one overview of our Executive, our Finances, and what have been up to each year. They are put together at the end of each year by the Executive team and allow a great insight into who we are and what we do.

Position Papers are a mechanism which people can use to submit motions to be discussed at either a General or Executive Meeting. It is the expected method for the Executive to use and the ideal for members (but by no means required).

There are other important documents that help provide definition to UniQ and its activities, and guide the Executive in their decision-making. These include manifestos, memorandums and more. We strive to publish as many of these as possible.

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